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Beidou create the future XXXXMG8S
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As a pioneer in the field of domestic professional surveying and mapping, XXXX has been with its powerful product performance, excellent product quality, highly recognized by professional consumers. Recently, XXXX once again launched its new outdoor mapping products MG8S, which products not only further enrich the XXXX product line, while the new Beidou technology to join, but also to the MG8S in the measurement accuracy has been greatly improved.

Also worth mentioning is that this has been listed MG8S series of products, including support for the Beidou Samsung single frequency positioning MG858S (Beidou B1, GPS L1, GLONASS L1) and support Beidou Samsung Qigua positioning MG868S (Beidou B1, B2, B3, GPSL1, L2, GLONASSL1, L2) in two versions to meet the diverse needs of different users.

Beidou Samsung single-frequency MG858S support BeiDou B1, GPS L1, GLONASS L1 reserved GALILEO, QZSS system upgrades, and support DGPS differential, and support 3-channel SBAS satellite tracking, combined with the unique technology, Ground, can get accurate satellite signal, single point positioning accuracy of 1.2m, SBAS accuracy of 0.3m, DGPS accuracy of 0.2m, RTK precision plane 25px +1ppm, elevation 50px +1ppm; and equipped with Beidou Samsung Qigua MG868S can accept the Beidou B3 Signal, satellite signal is better, RTK initialization speed is also greatly improved in a challenging harsh environment can be more parallel tracking of the signal to ensure that the stability of RTK positioning accuracy, better meet the centimeter-level positioning accuracy needs of customers The

New technology new sense of mapping from the precise and rapid

XXXX as a new product, MG8S is a major highlight of the application of a variety of new technologies to support the Beidou positioning is definitely a bright spot in the highlights. Beidou satellite navigation system is developed by our own global satellite positioning and communication system, the system is following the US Global Positioning System and Russia GLONASS after the world's latest mature and stable satellite navigation and positioning system, but also the only operation in the world with B1 , B2, B3, 3 bands of the system.

The new XXXXMG8S uses the Beidou navigation and positioning technology as the core, the technology supports the B3 signal reception, support the single Beidou solution and multi-system operation, in addition to the Beidou technology application, MG8S also applied COAST technology, e-Dif technology, Backup Power technology , Single-frequency RTK technology and many other new technologies. COAST technology is a unique patent algorithm, which is the standard technology of all the single frequency boards. It can ensure that the host can obtain stable sub-level positioning accuracy within 30 minutes of the loss of the differential signal. -Dif function allows users in the absence of SBAS, beacon, code difference and other differential data source applications, within 30 minutes, the confidence error will be better than 1 meter, to achieve high-precision sub-level positioning results; Backup Power Technology can make the host does not shut down the possibility of direct replacement of the host battery; and single-frequency RTK technology for low-cost centimeter-level measurement provides a perfect solution.

Soft and hard to make mapping comprehensive and practical

In order to find a better solution, XXXXMG8S uses the open Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition operating system, the operating system not only supports the richer industry and professional software to run, in order to seek a better solution, But also provides a wealth of development resources to meet the needs of the user's personality.

In addition, MG8S also integrates electronic compass sensor, barometric pressure sensor, and many other practical functions and a variety of communication transmission functions, such as 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., these features to ensure that users in the field to ensure a more accurate understanding of the position , To improve the height of the measurement accuracy at the same time, let us see the quality and stability of the system can bring better mapping experience.

In addition to the excellent software, XXXX in the hardware is also quite hard work, MG8S using high integration, full modular design, motherboard, GPS, sensor, wireless transmission, display modules are the most secure way to each other, this form can To ensure the stability of the machine for a long time. In addition, taking into account the uncertainty of outdoor mapping work time, XXXX for the MG8S equipped with 37.74 watts of intelligent lithium-ion battery, the typical environment to contact the use of 14 hours, the lithium battery self-charged detection and temperature control chip to ensure that users long Time to use the stability and endurance.

Super protection to let the survey and feel at ease

In appearance, MG8S uses a 3.7-inch Blanview 2 generation of ultra-bright display, the screen has a very high image resolution, the overall color saturation is very good, in daily use, the screen image sharp and clear in the wild strong sunlight Is still legible

In the following screen, MG8S with six function keys and a five-dimensional arrow keys to meet the needs of users, while the new design of the stylus has also been very human design to the front of the screen to meet the user with the Take the need. On the back of the fuselage, XXXX is also equipped with support for auto-focus 5 megapixel camera for MG8S, as well as high-definition recording and speaker components, comprehensive multimedia features, to maximize the field data acquisition work to meet the needs of multimedia applications.

In addition to the strong Beidou technology, dazzling screen display and excellent mapping function, XXXXMG8S also has a strong protective capacity, dust and water to the industry-leading IP66 level (optional IP67), seismic effect can reach 1.5m drop to hard The ground surface without damage, in the kind of protection specifications, MG8S has a high degree of dust, water resistance, the body around the high-strength rubber protective layer wrapped, effectively avoid the anti-drop, vibration, soaking the machine damage to the machine.

MG8S as XXXX's new generation of outdoor mapping products, not only in the appearance, fuselage protection, mapping performance continues XXXX has always been high quality, while its equipped with the Beidou satellite technology is for the surveying and mapping industry to establish a new benchmark image. If you are interested in MG8S, you may wish to visit our official website for more details and product updates.

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