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XXXX innovative technology shines
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Recently, the global digital security application forum (GDSF 2014) second stop at the Chengdu Crown House Crowne Plaza Hotel was held. As the world's leading supplier of monitoring products and solutions service providers, XXXX and the audience to share the Dahua HDCVI coaxial high-definition technology in the construction of safe city of value and results, and on-site display of Smart IPC new and server-based NVR new , Received wide acclaim.

Forum site, XXXX technical director Chen Zhihua made the theme of "technological innovation to enhance the construction of a new height of safe city" keynote speech. This paper analyzes the three technologies of simulation, digital and network, and focuses on the application advantages of XXXX independent HDCVI coaxial HD technology compared with IP and SDI in the construction of safe city. , Breakthrough, lossless, real-time, intelligent control, smooth listening, convenience and other aspects of innovation and innovation in the city and other industries in the successful application of the audience attracted the interest of the audience at the same time in the HDCVI open cooperation and other issues reached a number of consensus. According to reports, XXXX officially released in 2012 HDCVI technology, by 2014 has been established covering the front, transmission, control, storage, display, platform and other lines of HDCVI HD ecology, covering the form, feature-rich cameras, high performance optical , Stable and reliable hard disk video recorders, powerful control equipment, and other products. This year in March, the international video surveillance authority HDcctv Union released based on Dahua HDCVI coaxial HD technology AT2.0 standard for HDCVI coaxial HD technology in the global application has laid an important foundation, which in May to participate in the AsiaInfo Summit hotel HD transformation project, it is the best example.

This forum, XXXX also showcase the Smart IPC new and server type NVR new products, which DH-IPC-HF8291E 2 million pixel high-definition network bolt as the Dahua Smart IPC series of products, intelligent coding, intelligent detection, intelligent control, Ultra-wide dynamic, ultra-low illumination and ultra-far infrared performance; Dahua DH-NVR724DR-256 is a use of embedded X86 hardware platform and embedded Linux system network DVR, powerful equipment, can provide 4 Gigabit Ethernet port and can expand the four Gigabit optical ports, the maximum access to 256 high-definition, 768Mps stream, and have 52 Road 1080P (32-channel HDMI expansion card to achieve) decoding performance.

In the live demonstration and competitive PK, Dahua camera products outstanding performance, in the picture quality, clarity, wide dynamic, low light, face recognition and so on to win the audience praise. Another network DVR in the camera compatibility, stability and ease of operation, etc., to the audience was impressed.

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