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Intelligent tracking ball machine
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Recently, XXXX innovation launched 6A2 wiper series infrared high-definition intelligent tracking ball machine. As a new generation of high-definition smart ball, the product highly integrated HD, infrared, panoramic PTZ linkage, intelligent wipers and electronic fog and other functions, will be widely used in public security, finance, transportation, intelligent buildings, smart city and other fields, More professional, more convenient, more intelligent, more intimate monitoring experience.

The launch of the intelligent tracking ball machine contains 130W / 200W / 300W three forms. ROI, GB / T 28181, ONVIF, optical zoom 18 times / 20 (20%), optical zoom, 18x / 20x optical zoom Times / 30 times. In the structural design, the series of products using industry-leading multi-shock, anti-drop, integrated waterproof design, to solve the vibrating bumps under the environment of the reliable operation of the ball machine.

Panorama PTZ linkage

Product integration Dahua latest patented technology - panoramic linkage function, breaking the traditional control mode, through the stitching panoramic picture to achieve a second fast positioning, control intuitive and quick. Click the Panorama PTZ button, the device can be a full 360 ° rotation, automatically capture the angle of the picture, and then through the seamless stitching algorithm will be taken into a panoramic picture of the picture; through the box in the panorama of the location, quickly locate the scene As a monitoring screen; can be in the panorama click on the preset point, call to the specified preset; can be in the panorama click on the cruise group, start linkage cruise line.

Smart wipers

Support the timing, single, multiple wipers intelligent control program, can remove the glass surface of the rain and dust, reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Electronic fog

Based on the atmospheric transmission model, the image depth is differentiated from the image depth and the fog concentration. At the same time, the image enhancement technique and the image restoration technique are combined to obtain the accurate and natural image of the fog and provide clear and thorough in the rain, fog, haze and dust Monitoring experience.

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