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XXXX Zhejiang high-speed safe
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Recently, the Zhejiang high-speed traffic police corps through the media to the community announced the Zhejiang highway replacement tachometer news. As a leader in China's intelligent transportation industry, XXXX Zhejiang high-speed tailored to build a tachometer solution, to achieve full coverage of Zhejiang high-speed, more than 3,000 kilometers of Zhejiang high-speed safe and smooth escort.

It is reported that the new on the tachometer all Dahua 8 million pixel radar tachometer, compared with the previous tachometer has two biggest changes: to shoot two photos, so that the evidence of speeding capture more solid; pixels from the previous Of the 2 million to 8 million, to further determine the actual speeding driver. As the core product of Dahua Tachometer program, Dahua 8 million pixel radar gun equipped with 800-megapixel CCD high-definition camera, can provide more high-quality illegal vehicle pictures, supplemented by the fill light, day and night can be clear Identify the license plate number, vehicle information, site conditions and driver characteristics of the illegal vehicle. Front-end data through a wired network, such as an optical fiber, or a 3G wireless network backhaul center. In the inconvenience of the point, can be deployed solar energy, wind energy and other independent power supply system.

XXXX since 2006 into the intelligent transportation industry, adhere to technological innovation, with a huge scientific research team for technical support, has introduced the first embedded embedded camera, the industry's first 50 frame high frame rate intelligent traffic camera and the leading 2D Radar technology, continuing to create the greatest value for customers. It is understood that the next generation of new tachometer is being developed, it will have the automatic identification of the size of vehicles and multi-lane recognition and more features, will be safe travel and road maintenance and management to make greater contributions.

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