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XXXX2014 overseas experts tour activities sail
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To listen to customer needs, so that customers more intuitive feel and understand XXXX new products, new technologies, new programs and new images to more close to the user's way to explore the global communications industry, new changes in response to the global information market Challenges and opportunities, XXXX April 9 officially launched 2014 overseas expert tour group activities.

It is reported that the overseas experts tour team by XXXX50 more than senior experts. During the six-month tour, the team's strong tour will be in close contact with Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, with close contact with nearly 20 countries to share the flames in large data, cloud computing, SDN, intelligent pipelines , Global network operation and maintenance services and other hot spots in the field of communications and the latest achievements and solutions, and the global telecom operators facing the network transformation and other hot issues and global customers in-depth exchanges and discussions.

As one of the representatives of China's manufacturing industry to go out, XXXX in recent years continue to increase the "going out" pace, is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive all-round communications industry solutions to help customers enhance the network value. The tour activities in terms of XXXX is not only a bold attempt, but also XXXX take the initiative to go out to understand customer needs, listen to the customer's voice "grounding gas" of the new initiatives will open the global customers a comprehensive understanding of the flames of the new milestone.

It is understood that 2013 XXXX overseas effective contract and sales made a significant breakthrough in annual sales growth of more than 50%, product layout is more reasonable. As of the end of 2013, its products / solutions have successfully entered more than 80 overseas countries and regions, the core 100G products and IP-RAN new products are available in overseas markets scale applications. After years of follow-up and training, XXXX has been successful in working with Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, and many other TOP50 operators to enter its core market. The launch of this tour will promote the brand awareness to further enhance the global operators of the network transformation and sustainable development to provide new and better choice.

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