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XX launched 8291E series of star-level Smart IPC
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Recently, XXXX introduced the 8291E series of star-level Smart IPC new products, including standard gun HF8291E, infrared gun HFW8291E and riot (infrared) hemisphere HDB (W) 8291E, not only have 8 lines of SmartIPC all the features, but also greatly enhance the night monitoring capabilities , The screen clear and bright, delicate and smooth, the interpretation of the real star-level effect.

 In the just-concluded GDSF forum, XXDH-IPC-HF8291E 2 million pixel high-definition network bolt on behalf of Smart IPC latest products throughout the IPC and night vision IPC two themes PK, in image quality, clarity, wide dynamic, low light And other test items in the performance of stunning. At the same time, excellent performance for its win "the most popular cutting-edge product award".

The main features of the product include:

- ultra-low light, color up to 0.002Lux; black and white 0.0002Lux

- support three stream, SVC, can transmit three stream at the same time;

- low bit stream: 3 million real-time 6 ~ 8M, 1080P real-time 2 ~ 4Mbps, 720P real-time 1 ~ 2Mbps

- Smart infrared infrared technology, to prevent the image over exposure;

- support super wide dynamic, up to 120dB;

- support for face detection, audio detection, coke detection, items left / disappear, through the cordon, access to the police area, vision deviation and other intelligent functions;

- maximum infrared monitoring distance of up to 80 meters;

- support 3D noise reduction, light suppression, through the fog, corridor mode, ROI and other functions;

- support dual backup, improve equipment stability;

- Supports ONVIF, PSIA, 28181 protocol;

- Full range of support for alarm, audio, SD card local storage and other full-featured

- Standard gun support ABF

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